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"Savannah Liles is Amazing!"

- Eli Roth producer, director, writer, actor

"Savannah Liles is such a pleasure to work with. She is truly gifted, and razor smart. She works harder than most adult actors I know, and I think she is a rising star. Thank you so much for allowing Savannah to join the TIDELANDS cast!"

- Anne Lower, PrincessScribe actor's blog director, writer, producer, blogger Burbank, CA

for a young child like Liles to bring a character like Ellie to life, and to give such an intense, laser focused performance, is a marvel.

TG Geeks

Liles gives a phenomenal showing as Ellie. Her disconcerting demeanor and frostiness are part of a powerhouse performance that draws parallels with Pierce Gagnon in Looper six years ago

starburst magazine

A game changing performance for Savannah Liles, who packs a major punch for a pint sized actress

Bro Knows

A standout performance

reel reviews

cold, calculating and absolutely convincing as a girl with an IQ off the charts

fanboy planet

Exceptional. A very promising performance

the movie gourmet

She hits her emotional marks perfectly, she is stunningly tied in with her performance.  The acting here is flawless

Klaus at Gunpoint

Savannah Liles is an enormous talent. She plays Ellie like Hannibal Lector meets Annie. Liles is more than up for the task of delivering an on screen villain that would make Freddy Krueger soak his pampers

slack jaw punks

This kid could scare grown ups. she could be hannibal lecters kid. she could be a psychologist and you would believe it. she brings her A-game. She is serious and very much in character

horror news

Killer children are scary.  BRILLIANT sociopathic children are absolutely terrifying! Mastering that persona is one implausible feat and that is what instantly grabs you by the throat, choking you immediately when watching Prodigy. To conquer that role as a simple 9 year old is astonishing. Nothing short of adoration for this brilliance!

upcoming horror movies

compelling performance


Liles displays both a reluctant vulnerability and an icy indifference that speaks volumes about the future of her career


For Liles, not only does she convey her role, she becomes her role. Her lines are spoken with such eloquence it feels poetic

decay mag (Ken Artuz)

Liles is mighty impressive. She's not possessed and spewing pea soup like Linda Blair in The Exorcist. She delivers a subdued and restrained performance that is far beyond her years. She delivers her lines with a cutting sarcasm and condescending tone that gives the viewers insight into the character without giving too much away

geeks of doom

superb acting

slice of sci fi (Summer Brooks)

As the story’s protagonist/antagonist, Liles is nothing short of remarkable

Wicked Horror (Joey Keogh)

Liles’ performance reminded me of Edward Norton's career making role in Primal Fear.

Jeffrey Lyles (Lyle’s Movie Files)

Ms. Liles is one to look out for

Wherever I look (Amari Sali)

Fiery and highly competent. Liles is a force to be reckoned with.  A clear comparison to a young Drew Barrymore, Liles would fit right in with a Stranger Things type cast if they skewed a few years younger

Collider (Dave Trumbore)

Liles is a remarkable find. She’s a natural!

ain’t it cool news (Precious Roy)

Savannah Liles is a young actress to keep an eye on

Flickering Myths (Robert Kojder)

She manages to deliver her lines without tripping up or sounding unnatural, which is a step up from many young actors in similar roles. We will doubtless see more of her in years to come

eye for film (Jennie Kermode)

The acting is stellar. Savannah liles is compelling; equal amounts creepy, emotionless with just enough nuance to see the hints of her true emotions behind the facade.  She is one to watch out for

Duncans books and more

Liles plays the role of an incredibly intelligent, manipulative and dangerous 9 year old with so much conviction and authority, cementing her performance as one of the more surprising and chilling of its kind

Matt’s Movie Reviews

Savannah Liles is a superstar. She is terrifying. I mean that as a compliment

RevSF (Joe Crowe)

Savannah plays the beyond genius Ellie with superb confidence. This is an actress to watch….she could well be our next Dakota Fanning

tv series hub

Prodigy is the perfect vehicle to shuttle Savannah Liles into the limelight. It’s as if she actually suffered through her character’s harsh memories. She really is capable of anything

horror society


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